Classic Studios


Full website design & production, Flash game, Seeding, HTML Email design and distribution

Paynes Poppets are a well known chocolate snack made famous in the 1990s through their catchy ‘Racket in a Packet’ slogan and advertising campaigns.


As part of a programme of investment in the Poppets brand the logo and iconic packaging were redesigned, a new flavour was introduced and a brand new website was required to enhance engagement with their 7 – 15 year old target audience.

The website had to reflect their fun, high energy brand essence whilst also providing a link to the musical theme of their marketing campaign.


As visual impact was such an important aspect of this project an opening Flash homepage animation was produced to convey the high energy character of Poppets and to reinforce the ‘Racket in a Packet’ theme.

As well as information on the product range and a history of the brand there were 2 other key areas of the website; a competition to win an iPod Nano and the centrepiece, an interactive Music Maker.

The music maker is a sophisticated interactive online sequencer, built in Flash that allows users to create, save and send their own tunes created from a library of samples. The key features of the sequencer are:

  • The ability to preview and choose from a host of samples from the Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk and Dance music genres
  • The samples can then be dragged and dropped on to a timeline to create a sequence of music
  • Each track on the sequencer has it’s own volume control and sequences can be played back and adjusted as required
  • The finished piece of music can then be saved or sent to friends

The rest of the site was developed in HTML/CSS to allow for easy indexing by search engines.  Cross promotion is encouraged with clear and consistent placement of site furniture to facilitate social bookmarking and send to friend functionality; whereas internally standard modules on the right hand side of each page are used to focus user attention on the competition and music maker.


Within the first 2 weeks of launch the site had received over 10,000 page views and just under 2,000 competition entries. The Music Maker has also enabled several hundred budding musicians to create their own unique tracks and help establish a healthy average stay of ~3 minutes on the site.