Classic Studios

Harvest Cheweee

Full website design and production, HTML email design and distribution

Harvest Cheweee cereal bars are a well-known lunchbox snack. The brand has invested in TV advertising and sponsorship in the past and has now broadened their marketing strategy to include digital.


This was Harvest Cheweee's first full website and the target audience was mums who are looking for an alternative to the chocolate bar to put in their child’s lunchbox; a treat that had good nutritional value as well.

Harvest wanted the site to have a playful feel but to contain content that was very much geared towards mums.


Classic Studios produced a website with a strong visual identity centred on the lunchbox; with a playful but not patronising look and feel.

The contents of a healthy lunchbox provide the backdrop for the homepage with items such as the banana and sandwich becoming teasers for key content areas such as competitions and recipes.

The biggest content area is the lunchbox recipes section where the Harvest Cheweee Team publish lunchbox recipes and where users can also submit their ideas for lunchbox meals.


The website has seen a steady increase in traffic and also has 150+ recipes on the site. Harvest are planning some more promotional activity with a code based competition due to launch in April ’11.