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Honey Monster found!

Posted by Sanjay // 28.11.2011

HM found - lrg

The digital marketing campaign to find Honey Monster reached its conclusion last week as Honey Monster finally came home.

Classic Studios have helped coordinate a nationwide campaign to find Honey Monster who went missing in search of friends, fun and his favourite food: honey!

The campaign kicked off in April with a competition on packs of Sugar Puffs and Honey Waffles driving users to go online to enter special 'co-ordinates' that could win them a laptop.

The next phase of the campaign involved a microsite or 'mainframe' that became the hub for the search with news, images, videos and weekly challenges encouraging users to participate in the search as Honey Monster travelled the country.

The campaign was supported by PR and experiential and has seen over 160,000 codes entered online, 75,000 + registered users playing the various challenges over 111,000 times with over 85,000 views of Charlie’s campaign update videos.

The final challenge asked users to create a 'Come Home Honey Monster' poster and upload it to the mainframe. The best one was then chosen to appear in a national children’s newspaper (First News) with the hope that Honey Monster would see the advert and come home.

Well it worked! Honey Monster came home and is now back with Charlie and is no longer a secret either so expect to see him back on promotional duties very soon!