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Where is Honey Monster?

Posted by Sanjay // 12.05.2011

Find Honey Monster - lrge

It’s been great fun working with Honey Monster over the last few years but now we have a problem – he's gone missing!

Honey Monster loves honey and having spent the last year or so hiding out in his good friend Charlie's home he’s clearly decided it’s time to brave the big wide world in search of his favourite foodstuff.

Charlie (with a little help from us) has built a website he calls the 'mainframe' where users can follow the campaign to find him as well as enter special coordinates that are appearing on packs of Honey Waffles and Sugar Puffs that may reveal where he is.

He's also made some videos to let users know how they can take part in the search and they in turn can upload videos and images of the big fella if and when they see him. 

Charlie isn't sure where he’s gone but believes he's roaming around the UK most probably making friends and getting up to mischief in his quest for honey.

So, if you see him please get in touch via the website – Charlie’s keen to get him home..!