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Identity and web design for serious games company Digital 2.0

Posted by Sanjay // 17.11.2009

Digital 2.0 News

Classic Studios have just completed the brand new identity design and website for serious games producers Digital 2.0.

The primary aim of serious games is not entertainment but instead, educating and empowering the user through the playing of games.

D2.0 has produced games such as Red Mist which is designed to help young people identify negative emotions and understand the impact that reacting to them can have on their lives and others.

The identity and website design for D2.0 conveys the gaming and educational aspects of the brand through the use of coloured lines and shapes as well as an attractive yet functional user interface for the website.

The site is also fully content managed enabling D2.0 to update the content themselves as they add to their ever increasing list of clients and portfolio of projects.

Check out the website Digital 2.0 website >>