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Brand new campaign website for Harvest Cheweee

Posted by Sanjay // 21.12.2009

Harvest Cheweee

A new lunchbox themed website has been created by Classic Studios for popular cereal bar brand Harvest Cheweee.

The website launch, which coincides with a through the line campaign commencing at the end of December, is primarily targeted at mums with the main content area being a recipes section where users can contribute their favourite lunchbox recipes.

There are also sections on making lunchboxes fun, jokes and puzzles downloads, competitions as well as all the usual product and nutritional information regarding the bars themselves.

The Harvest Lunchboxes website will hopefully grow to become an information hub for all things lunchbox related as well as support the various new product releases that Harvest are planning over the next 12 – 24 months.

Check out the Harvest Lunchboxes site >>