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New Poppets Website Launches

Posted by Sanjay // 05.06.2009

Poppets News

Classic Studios are proud to announce the launch of the new Poppets website!

The Poppets brand has been refreshed over the last 6 months with a new logo, packaging, and now, a brand new website as well.

The website aims to capture all the fun and energy of the brand encapsulating the ‘Racket in a Packet’ catchphrase in it’s high energy opening animation.

The centrepiece of the site is an interactive music sequencer that allows users to create their own songs from a series of samples, record it and then send on to friends.

Poppet’s digital marketing strategy connects perfectly with the brand’s association with music and the sequencer is a unique and sophisticated application which will encourage users to re-visit the site.

Why not try the sequencer yourself? When you are happy with your mix then share your mix with us as well - the best one (in our opinion) will win a great prize...